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What Is Qigong?

Qi means energy and gong means movement.
Qigong is a series of simple movements that move energy through your body and reawaken its ability to function properly and heal itself.
The results are a healthier body, a calmer mind, and a happier, more-fulfilled you. With a clearer mind, you will discover new options, and paths to healing will open for you.

We offer referrals to Dragon’s Way Qigong® and Wu Ming Qigong.

*These services are not provided by Madison Park Psychological Services.

Dragon’s Way Qigong®

Heal your body, mind, and spirit by practicing Qigong and learning how food, thoughts and emotions can be used to regain physical and mental wellbeing and help you live a fulfilled life

Wu Ming Qigong

Experience the power of deep healing at the Body / Mind / Spirit level with Wu Ming Qigong.


“Dr. Saad and the therapists in her practice are outstanding! I referred friends to Dr. Saad and everyone had unbelievable results with the therapists in her practice. I love that she has a holistic approach. The therapist she matched me with has helped me so much, I cannot be more grateful! Thank you! Thank you!”

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