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I met Dr. Saad for a consultation when I was first navigating the process of starting therapy, I met Dr. Saad for a consultation when I was first seeking therapy. I had no idea what to expect, but she was very warm and welcoming, and helped introduce me to the idea of therapy. It was a bit overwhelming emotionally for my first exposure to therapy, but a great first step. She then matched me with someone in her practice who I felt was incredibly helpful in guiding me towards my personal goals

Rare combination of excellent knowledge and skill with actual caring. I was in a crisis when I moved to New York and wanted to find a psychologist. I found Madison Park Psychological Services and booked an initial consultation with Dr. Khadivi. I knew within a few minutes of talking to him that I was in good hands. He understood me right away and provided practical tools that I could apply. A++ Highly recommended!

I knew I needed help but wasn't sure how talking to someone would provide it. During my consultation I became excited as I started to share my thoughts and learn that someone could help me navigate them. It felt easy and safe to explore. I am looking forward to healing.

Today was my first consultation with Dr.Saad and my first impression was very positive. She took time to review my situation and gave me referrals to her colleague and to combine it with adjunct alternative holistic therapy .