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"Best therapist that I have seen for long time. Highly sensitive and insightful."
"Amazing doctor!! She right away understood my problems and was helpful from the first session! I highly recommend her!"
"Dr. Saad is an amazing doctor! She is brilliant! I have seen many therapists throughout the years and no one has helped me the way she did! I owe her a big time! She changed my life and I am extremely grateful!"
"Dr Saad is amazing! She is warm, insightful and gets it! I loved my initial consult with her and got so much out of it! She referred me to a psychologist on her team who specialized in the treatment of anxiety. Let me tell you, I love my therapist! She has been so helpful and effective in helping me. I cannot believe how much better I feel! I highly recommend this place for therapy. They are really good!"
"Dr Saad is the best therapist I ever had. I loved her approach. She is very insightful and down to earth. She helped me tremendously. I no longer have panic attacks or depression and my relationship with my husband is so improved! I cannot thank her enough! I highly recommend her!"
"Dr. Saad was so helpful! I have seen many psychologists throughout the years and none compared to her. She is brilliant, insightful, warm and very personable. In just a few sessions, she help me change my life. She gave me practical feedback and pointed things to me that no other psychologists had picked up. I decided to continue to see her, as she continues to be tremendously helpful! I highly recommend her."
"Dr Saad and her team of psychologists are amazing! I love the concept: meeting with a senior psychologist who will design and tailor a treatment for me and then pick the best psychologist for me!"
I first had an initial consult with Dr. Saad and I got so much out of it. She understood me right away and picked a psychologist in her practice who would be best for me. I then met with my therapist and she was great! She has been so helpful!"
"It is so hard to find a good therapist and it was such a relief to find someone good for me. I was so happy that I referred friends and family members. We all got different therapists and think wonders about Dr Saad's team. I think that this is the best place to seek therapy!"
"Dr. Saad is so great! She is the type of person I felt comfortable with right away. She is also flexible and accommodating to my busy schedule."
"Dr. Saad is amazing. Even when I walk into her office feeling great, and that I don't have anything that I specifically want to discuss, she casually finds something really insightful that makes me think. I have only wonderful things to say about her."
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Yasmine Saad, Ph.D.

Yasmine Saad, Ph.D. 

Dr. Yasmine Saad completed her studies in Clinical Psychology at the University of Paris in 1999 and obtained with high honors a DESS (a specialized diploma in Clinical Psychology), permitting her to practice as a Clinical Psychologist in France. She worked in multiple clinical settings in Paris before coming to the United States. 

In 2005, Dr. Yasmine Saad obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies - Adelphi University, which is considered the best program for psychodynamic therapy training in the country. Following her graduation, she worked for a year in an outpatient clinic and then for six years at Montefiore Medical Center as an attending psychologist, providing individual, couple and group therapy and supervising psychologists. In addition, as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, she was actively engaged in teaching and supervising psychiatry residents and psychology trainees. She was thought after for her teaching and supervisory skills and became the clinical supervisor to the psychology staff of Fordham University's counseling center.

Currently, she maintains her affiliation with Montefiore Medical Center, where she continues to teach and supervise. She also holds an academic appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In addition, she has the privilege of being part of a small group of mental health professionals selected to train the best psychiatry chief residents in the country. She has received accolades for her teachings. An additional endorsement came from psychologists and psychiatrists who sought her for supervision and therapy. 

Dr. Yasmine Saad maintains an active private practice in New York City. She believes that the success of any therapy stems from a good match between patient and therapist's personalities and between patient and treatment approach. She provides a comfortable, safe and warm environment while using her expertise with various forms of treatment to tailor the therapy to the patient's needs and personality. She focuses on the present and helps you deal with your current issues as they manifest themselves in everyday life. She actively and empathically work with you to understand your difficulties, solve problems and expand your personal growth. She provides individual, couple, and group psychotherapy for adolescents and adults in Spanish, French, and English. 

Success in her practice and teaching led her to build Madison Park Psychological Services, a group practice where psychologists, whom she has trained, provide tailored high quality treatment to match the patients' needs.


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Yasmine Saad

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The clinical psychologists at Madison Park Psychological Services provide psychological evaluations, testing, & psychodynamic therapy, CBT & DBT, specializing in depression, anxiety, stress management, panic disorders, postpartum depression, trauma, & more. French and Spanish services available.

Serving the areas of New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Madison Square Park, Chelsea, Union Square, Long Island City, Queens, Gramercy, Midtown, & the Flatiron District. 10010, 10009, 10003, 10001, 10011, 10012, 10016, 10017, 10018

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